Our Projects

Our scope – Complete conveyorised turn-key plant with Liquid & Powder Coating

State of the Art Powder Coating Plant with - Conveyorised Powder Coating plant Wagner Germany make Powder applicators Online Oil Skimmer, Phosphate filter 10 tank Hot pretreatment Overhead transporter

Conveyorised Paint shop for Auto Parts
Our scope – Complete conveyorised Paint shop
Year of installation - 1999

Our scope – Two conveyorised Powder Coating lines with common Camel back oven
Year of installation – 2009

Complete Auto Powder Coating plant with Online Spray Phosphating, Dry off Oven & Reciprocators Electrical panel manufacturer
Our scope – Complete Auto conveyorised Powder coating plant with Spray Pre-treatment (Nano), Dry off oven, Reciprocators
Year of installation - 2005

Al Extrusion PVDF Coating Plant with Powder Coating option
Our scope – 4 sets of Complete conveyorised turn key plants One PVDF Coating plant.
Years of installations – 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2005 for 4 plants.

Our scope – Fully automatic Paint booth cum oven
Year of installations – 2008

Compact Conveyorised Painting plant for Plastic Parts
Our scope – Complete Conveyorised paint shop
Year of installations – 2004

Conveyorised plant for Heavy long Sections
Our scope – Complete conveyorised Powder coating plant with I-beam conveyor
Year of installations – 2009

Custom built plant for FRP Pipe coating supplied to Pentair Water Goa 14 mtr Down draft paint booth with automatic doors, 14 mtr reciprocator, 90 KW fully auto retractable IR oven. Cycle time 2 min.

Our scope – Compete conveyorised paint shop with pressurisation. 3 Paint booths, ASU, Camel back oven, conveyor
Year of installations – 2006

Conveyorised Powder Coating plant for Scaffoldings Manufacturer
Our scope – Turn Key Powder Coating plant with17 tank PT for M.S. & Al Large Paint Booth for Steel Structures
Year of installations – 2009

Our scope – Paint shop with down draft booth, batch oven.
Year of installations – 2002

Large capacity Al Extrusion coating plant with auto dry off oven inline with Pretreatment
Our scope – 15 TPD Al Sec. coating plant , Batch dry off oven etc.
Year of installations – 2009

Custom built painting lines synchronised with assembly line
Custom built painting lines synchronised with assembly line
Our scope – Paint shop with paint booth, automated operator lifts, Syncronised with assembly line by auto transfer on conveyor.
Year of installations – 2005

Al Extrusion Auto Powder coating plant with batch cum dry off oven

Our scope – Complete conveyorised Powder coating plant with hot pretreatment system, batch type dry off cum curing oven, auto powder booth, Reciprocators etc.
Year of installations – 2009

We Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Powder Coating Plants and Liquid Painting Plants and our setup is situated at Shirur, Pune ( Maharashtra, India ) Some of the popular locations we serve regularly are Gulf Countries, African Countries, Sri Lanka, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chilly, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Finland, Russia etc.

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